4 Ways to Stop Alcohol Cravings

4 Ways to Stop Alcohol Cravings

Therefore quitting can cause a serious problem – boredom, which can make you want a drink even more. It can be virtually anything, as long as it does not remind you of alcohol. For instance, you can sign up for a sport, an arts and crafts class or learn a new language. Urge surfing is a tried and true technique to manage cravings and reduce problematic drinking. Seeing something, or imagining something very vividly, stays with you for much longer than simply thinking or hearing something. That is why your imagination can be huge help when fighting cravings.

  • These treatment programs usually meet at the hospital for 3-5 days a week, 4-6 hours per day.
  • Try your best to think about something other than the craving.
  • Depression and alcohol and anxiety and alcohol and treat both simultaneously.
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  • But they can also help you reduce your alcohol cravings.
  • Taking a break from alcohol can be a good way to start drinking less.

You probably would order a few more at the bar, because one has never been enough for you in the past. And then you might stop at a liquor store on the way home, because you never want the party to stop when you leave the bar after a few. You’d end up spending more than you wanted, not to mention that you’d be driving drunk.

A future free of addiction is in your hands.

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which the body needs to produce and use serotonin. This neurotransmitter is key to reducing depression and anxiety—common reasons people use alcohol and also common issues that arise when quitting alcohol . The fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates in whole-grain breads and foods like brown rice, quinoa, barley, and farro are digested more slowly, which help keep blood sugar levels steady. This is key to keeping cravings under control, especially when your body is used to using alcohol as a quick form of fuel. Disulfiram is a pill that causes unpleasant side effects when combined with alcohol. The drug blocks an enzyme involved in metabolizing alcohol.

how to stop alcohol cravings

Engaging in mindful eating practices allows you to slow down as you eat and let your body slowly digest. This promotes healthy guts and digestion along with reducing cravings. Your eating pattern should be consistent each day and at least three times a day for meals.

MAT for Alcohol Addiction

A drink after an unpleasant fight with your partner might help you feel calmer. Experts have suggested a few different explanations. Get to know what 5 ounces looks like by measuring it out at home. That way how to stop alcohol cravings you can estimate how many standard drinks you’re being served in a restaurant or bar that uses large glasses and generous serving sizes. Instead of fighting an urge, accept it as normal and temporary.

  • Alcohol cravings can be very intense, particularly up to 6 months after you stop drinking.
  • Whole article could be summed up as “know that it will feel bad but don’t give in.” I already know that it will feel bad.
  • This generally includes meditation, but you might also choose to set daily aspirations, or practice performing everyday activities mindfully.
  • Additionally, relying on your willpower to resist cravings can take up a lot of effort and energy.

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