Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment Centers

They will be supervised by our medical director – Dr. Jordan Turner. While offering a safe and peaceful environment to detox, we provide the care, attention, and treatment needed to successfully detox from almost any substance. Our Fresno drug rehab program is family-owned, locally grown, and a passionate treatment center. Our qualified staff designed our drug treatment program to break down the walls of addiction while balancing the importance of learning to enjoy a sober life. The answer for those in need of treatment help in a professional setting in Fresno, California. I myself struggle with addiction and 2020 was a rough year for me. I was in and out of True Life, always feeling ashamed to walk back in the door, but not once did I feel judged and not once did I feel shamed.

From my own experience, I know it is hard to find help and treatment centers when you really want it. I reached out to my mom who had received an email from a friend at All Sober asking her to review All Sober the day before my friend’s crisis. Together, we were able to locate a treatment center in Cobb County that accepted him without being bounced all over the place.

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All recovery participants are asked to make a commitment of at least six months to work through six levels of a person-centered, individualized recovery program. In individual therapy, a patient meets one-on-one with a trained sober life psychologist or counselor. Therapy is a pivotal part of effective substance abuse treatment, as it often covers root causes of addiction, including challenges faced by the patient in their social, family, and work/school life.

Our Program Director has worked at Real Recovery for 10 years and works hard to create a safe and fun environment for adults striving for sobriety. All the way through this organization and are reflected in the response clients have at every level of care provided. They have remained true to their purpose from the very beginning with the same dedication to hiring the most qualified staff and providing the best possible treatment. So thankful to see that they have brought their wonderful services to a wider audience with the addition of new offices and expanded programs. Our program is uniquely designed to treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and we do everything we can to ensure clients resume vital places in the lives of their families and communities. We believe in recovery, and we work every day to maintain an environment of enlightenment, education and self-awareness. Experience the holistic approach to recovery at all of our drug rehab centers; mind, body, spirit & environment.

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They let me feel my feelings, and when I was ready they helped me feel better. This place is extraordinary, I’ve never been to a more positive and loving treatment facility. They care about you and will do anything they can to make sure you are feeling safe and comfortable during your detox process. I would recommend this facility to anyone that needs this type of support. Welcome To Life Sober Living Centers – Rehab House is a Drug Treatment Center in Covina, California, specializing in Alcohol Abuse, Opioid Addiction, Substance Abuse, and Substance Misuse. The process of recovery is not easy, but it can be achieved by attending a drug treatment center. The most important thing for someone who wants to recover from addiction is the willingness and desire to change their life for the better.

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