How Can you Reduce the Cost of Mobile App Development?

How Can you Reduce the Cost of Mobile App Development?

Well-established or recently founded companies, experienced or ambitious, local or foreign, large or small, high-priced or cheap so many parameters to consider. No wonder that such an enormous selection in the average cost of app development may confuse not only startupers, but also experienced entrepreneurs. The hybrid apps opposed to native are less expensive but this option has some considerable limitation. Native app development offers more possibilities for customization, facilitation, and optimization, provide better quality, performance, and user interaction. At the same time, native vs hybrid app has a lower risk of the app being banned from the app stores. The graph illustrates the average app development cost during each stage based on data collected from 102 app development firms.

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Postmates, a successful on-demand delivery app, was first funded by the startup incubator AngelPad ($20,000 from itself and $100,000 from two VC companies). At MLSDev, we have a dedicated team working on a complex on-demand service called GoPuff. Our team has helped with Gopuff’s project growth from the initial idea to over 400+ micro-fulfillment centers in 650+ U.S. cities and 7,000+ workers. For more details, you can check out the Gopuff cases study on our website. The on-demand economy sector relates to transportation and travel apps, food & grocery delivery services, laundry or salon services, etc.

Testing and Deployment Stage

Both development teams will need to work on their respective Native frameworks to develop apps for Android and iOS platforms. If you want to get your app developed for both platforms through this option, you need two different development teams with different skill sets. Both platforms have different development processes but surprisingly both of them cost pretty much the same.

A complete app development process is much more than just coding and designing. Moreover, you can also hire dedicated project managers and other required professionals to extend your existing in-house team. An extended team is preferred when you already have established management, processes, and workflow. With a dedicated development team, you get higher security, expertise, and uninterrupted productivity. This feature lets users point their coordinates on a map and find their way to a chosen destination.

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We’ll gladly hear your idea out and answer all of your questions. Here, we’ve made a list of statistics connected to app development costs and the mobile app market in general that you might not have heard of. According to the Outsystems Survey, an app’s maintenance cost during the first year after launch costs owners approximately 50% of the mobile application development cost.

The average cost of developing an app can range from US $60,000 to $150,000. The eight-step calculator with similar to the Inoxoft one feature to provide a price estimate on each step. The final screen provides a form to fill in with contact details to proceed with the app project development.

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Larger development companies typically provide a level of white-glove service for prototyping, wireframes, market research, business analysis, and consultancy. They won’t just blindly build your app without questioning anything. They’ve seen it all, and they’re happy to offer advice about what works well or what could improve your idea. With a large-scale app development company, you’re not relying on a single point of failure like you are with a freelancer or contractor. If a developer gets sick, quits, or goes on vacation, there’s someone else in the company to set up and continue working on your app without a lost step. That’s not the case for contractors, and most smaller agencies don’t have enough resources to make this happen either.

Each stage constitutes a chunk of the total app development cost. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the development process will allow you to allocate funds to each stage better. The significant factors we covered earlier mainly pertain to the development stage. So, let’s discuss all the stages in terms of their cost and time required. Hiring freelance app developers is the most cost-effective way to build an app if it isn’t too complex. If you manage to hire a talented freelancer, they can build apps with good quality as developed by an agency at a lesser cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in 2023

Use our app development cost calculator and receive a free app cost estimate. Finally, to retain the original estimated app development budget, it’s advisable to stick to the feature set you defined at the prototyping stage. Any add-ons and new options can be put off until later stages of development when you can assess if you still have the bandwidth to accommodate them. The next step is to verify your findings by creating a prototype of the app.

There are options to adopt existing admin panel templates for your needs, but finding a good one is a problem. So it makes sense to create an adequate panel to meet your business requirements. Creating a unique user interface design is a complicated deed that provides additional expenses to your project.

With its debut in September 2019, Samsung announced the first foldable smartphone, and since then, it has become hype in the mobile app development market. App Monitoring and analyzing helps you make better decisions with insights on user behavior and performance. Using analytical tools or platforms will add extra costs to your app development project. Impressive UI/UX is a must for your app to hook users’ attention. And UX designers meticulously develop user experiences after behavior studies to deliver specific results.

app development cost

In fact, more expensive does not always mean better, and cheaper isn’t more profitable in the end. For instance, outsource app development cost is quite low, but the quality of the final product will pleasantly surprise you. We are all aware that developing a software solution, testing it, and deploying it to the concerned platform can cost money.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

Here, the user has a personal account and interacts with the data, which is synchronized among devices. This also requires a corresponding admin panel for content and user management. The average cost of the discovery stage ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 with a timeline of 2-4 weeks.

  • Ramotion is an award winning design agency with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.
  • And compare that to an enterprise app with minimal design requirements.
  • For example, customers are more comfortable when they have an opportunity for face-to-face communication with support.
  • Having your mobile application developed, tested, and deployed is not everything.
  • For example, a simple feature with no complications will be cheaper to implement rather than a complex feature that requires a lot of effort.

In-house development means hiring a team of specialists who will sit in your office and work only on your project. Choose one platform for your first app and add support for the other later. Java is one of the most popular programming languages for Android app development. Objective-C and Swift are two of the most popular programming languages for iOS development. Utility features can be the things that integrate with the hardware of your user’s mobile device–think geolocation, phone sensors usage, bluetooth, and QR code scanning. Use API from social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) or email applications.

Understanding the cost for different App Development Phases

While this might sound a bit odd, it’s probably a good idea to check them out and listen to them before making a purchase like this. Dyson states that the headphones will also be available in stores and on its own website. Who knows whether these headphones can beat some of the best headphone options out right now, but we’ll soon find out.

App development cost based on location

This increases the complexity of the applications and in turn, increases the overall development cost. The marketplace applications have similar functionalities such as on-demand apps or ecommerce apps, but unlike the ecommerce apps, they render a plethora of different services. Along with the different types of services, they quickly render the service provider to the customer’s choice. Being an all-in-one application, the marketplace app development cost can be justified with its functionalities. After building your app, testing is a crucial facet of your app development, as it confirms the quality of your product.

Also, the cost of MVP development ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. Get a free estimate right away — use LITSLINK app development cost calculator. Even after you release your product to the market, make sure to provide ongoing support and maintenance to the application. Without regular updates, bug fixes, and innovative features, users will lose interest in your product.

App Development Cost: The Definitive Guide

Let’s look at ways to reduce development costs so that your app falls well within the defined budget. The app you plan to develop might app development cost require a highly experienced developer. Say you need advanced specifications in your application, then you might need a specialist.

However, the timeline could differ depending on the complexity of features and functionality to be included. So the cost would be proportional to the number of hours required. But if you’re developing for both platforms individually, it will double the prices. Simultaneously, building on the iOS platform requires following Apple’s strict guidelines and regular maintenance, whereas Android is more flexible. Finally, both Android and iOS development use different SDKs and frameworks, affecting overall costs. If not, expect your app development cost estimate to increase right away.

Besides laying down the ground rules for building an application, the mobileapp development process breakdown allows us to better grasp how each stage affects the app cost. To help solve this, we decided to take on the problem ourselves. We joined with top app developers to understand the issues of app development and to create an accurate algorithm with the best cost information.

Let us design your logo to grab the customers’ attention within seconds. Our in-depth understanding in technology and innovation can turn your aspiration into a business reality. With folding smartphones, a user can perform the majority of the on-the-go tasks easily right from their smartphone without requiring a computer. In 2021, the Asian pacific region had the highest share of the foldable smartphone market. A foldable smartphone is a combination of a tablet and a smartphone.

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